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LSXtv Takes the CTS-V to the Track

Ok, so we might have gone a little CTS-V crazy here lately, but we have a good reason – the boss just bought a new Caddy sedan as his “family car,” and we’ve already started throwing parts at it, spinning the rollers of our Dynojet chassis dyno, and we just took it to the dragstrip for the first time, still wearing paper plates. While you’ll have to wait (though not too long) for the article covering the installation of an Airaid cold air intake and Corsa axle-back exhaust and the dyno results, we can tease you a little bit with our timeslips from the track.

The car is automatic-equipped and running on the factory tires, and we left it in “drive” and launched from an idle to avoid boiling the tires. The result? Two passes with exactly the same ET – 12.440 – and a best trap speed of 112.81.

With 60-foot times in the 1.80 range for our trip to the track, we wonder what this car is capable of with sticky tires and a brake-torque launch on a cool day. There’s clearly more in it if we can get it to leave harder, which is all the more amazing considering this car weighs fully 4,535 pounds! Maybe we should have taken out the baby seat in the back…

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