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It’s Not Only Ditches That Like Corvettes – Trees Like Them, Too

Another Corvette crash, really? We're glad there were no serious injuries, but this needs to stop! Read More


First Look: 2015 Corvette 8-Speed Automatic and Supercharged LT4 V8

Forget what you think you know about traditional torque converter automatics - driving the 8L90-equipped 2015 Stingray is like playing Grand Turismo in "cheat" mode. Read More

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Automotive TouchUp Ready To Spray Paints For Shadetree Restorers

Repairing body panels and upgrading your vehicle's paint just became easier with the systems from Automotive TouchUp. The company offers OE-matched paints and all of the support materials you'll need. Read More

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Video: A 928 RWHP Stock Bottom End 5th Gen Built By LG Motorsports

Watch this 5th Gen Camaro, built and tuned by LG Motorsports, put down some amazing dyno numbers. Can you believe they're still using the stock bottom end on the LS3? Read More

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Video: 2015 Ducati Diavel vs 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible

Check out this drag race with a 2015 Ducati Diavel going up against a C7 Convertible. The results aren't surprising, but it's definitely a cool video. Read More

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Video: Dyno Runs of a Daily Driven 1,100 Horsepower Holden Commodore

Check out this Holden VF Commodore SSV owned by Con of C&A Auto Fashion in Australia - talk about a sleeper! Read More

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2015 Z06 Curb Weight Revealed In Revised Order Guide

There are some changes in the 2015 Corvette order guide - some new options for the Z06 as well, including the curb weight specifications. Check it out Inside. Read More


Uncle Robin Lawrence Chasing NHRA Stock Eliminator B/Stock Record

Uncle Robin Lawrence is at it again, this time chasing the NHRA B/Stock Automatic record behind the wheel of Daren Poole-Adams' 2014 350 cubic-inch LS-powered COPO Camaro - with Holley Performance Products on board. Read More


What Is GM Planning? Recent Trademark Filed For Sierra Elevation

GM recently filed a trademark for the name Sierra Elevation. What could this be? Simply a new trim package or perhaps something much more like the F-150 SVT Raptor. Read More

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Video: Holden Ute With Twin-Turbo LS Power Begs For Grip

This is one insanely clean sleeper Ute. The struggle for traction is real with this beast! Read More


2015 Corvette Valet Mode Protects Your Stuff, Records Shennanegans

If you own a nice car, you know that moment of hesitation before handing your keys to the valet. Will they perform a frame-by-frame reenactment of the scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Of course they will... Read More

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Grand Sport: How it Was Born and What it Has Become

Come take a look at the life of the Corvette Grand Sport: how it came to be, what it has meant to the C6 line, and if it will return in years to come. Read More


Detroit Speed Now Offers Driveshaft Loop Kits for 2010+ Camaros

Driveshaft breakages are a serious danger to not just the undercarriage, but the driver as well. Take care of the issue on your 5th-gen Camaro with new driveshaft loop kits from Detroit Speed and be prepared. Read More


Hybrid Turbo Reveals Innovative New Breed of Turbocharger

As you can see in this video, with their new turbo system there is no backpressure, no exhaust heat, no complicated drive mechanism - just clean, environmentally-friendly power. Read More


We’re Starting To Think That Wrecking C7s Is A New Fad

There are too many C7 Corvettes being wrecked, which is not good. Is this a new fad or something, because we don't like it! Read More


The Anatomy of a Full Race Radial 275 Induction System

Follow along as veteran 275 Drag Radial racer D.J. Reid builds a LSX engine for his '68 supercharged Camaro. Here he sets up the Mozez heads from Mast Motorsports with Pettis Performance. Read More


Holden Special Vehicles to Build Exclusive LSA-Powered GTS Maloo

The supercharged, LSA-powered GTS Maloo will easily become one of the rarest vehicles in Australian vehicle history with only 150 expected to be produced. More importantly, it could become the world's fastest ute! Read More


Swap Insanity: The RingBrothers’ 1972 Winnebago, “The Happy Camper”

Check out this awesome 1972 Winnebago Brave named "The Happy Camper," built by the Ringbrothers - this RV build is epic! Read More

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Order Up! One Char-broiled C7 Stingray To Go, Please

This is a sad sight to see. Hopefully nobody was hurt when this C7 caught fire! Read More

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Video: Twin Turbo LS-Powered “Stricher” Mercedes Hits the Dragstrip

This twin-turbo terror is an homage to one of Germany's most popular cars, but it's a far cry from the entry-level luxury coupe we think of when we picture a classic Mercedes... Read More