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News Photographer Gets Locked Inside Corvette – Dials 911

ABC 13 Chief photographer gets locked inside of a C6 Corvette and dials 911 in a panic, only to be let out by a passing Read More


Ron Oyler’s Super Sick Custom C5- Customized in Every Way

We get dozens of feature vehicle submissions every year for Corvette Online, but very rarely do we get a submission like this. Check out Ron Oyler's amazingly custom Corvette inside! Read More


VIDEO: Magnuson Gets Nearly 600 HP From 2014 Silverado 6.2L V8!

A supercharger kit for the 2014 Silverado with the 6.2L L86 engine is now available from Magnuson, and it can make your pickup get up and scream with 570 HP. Watch this video to see it on the dyno! Read More


Video: Midwest Drift Union Lights It Up At The Holley LS Fest

The Holley LS Fest featured some awesome attractions, such as the Drift Challenge. Peep this intense video of Midwest Drift Union (MDU) members getting sideways on the asphalt. Read More


Video: Porsche 914 Gets Up To Speed Quick With A Turbo LS1

This New Zealand-based Porsche 914 went from zero to awesome over the course of four years, thanks to an LS1, a turbocharger, and a dedicated owner. Watch the roadster zip around the course in the video. Read More

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Chevrolet Reveals a Number of SEMA Concept Cars

The annual SEMA Show is a place to experience new ideas, components and cars like the list of concept cars already released by Chevrolet. Check out what to expect inside! Read More


Lingenfelter Launches GT9 HYD Roller Camshaft for LS Series Motors

The new GT9 HYD roller camshaft from Lingenfelter works on popular LS series engines to deliver powerful performance with a smooth idle. Read up on its stats here. Read More


Video: 1,400 Horsepower Aussie Pontiac on the Dyno

Owner Graham Harrison's Pontiac, sporting twin Garrett GTX42 turbochargers, does 1,417 horsepower to the tires in the video, besting 20 other cars tested that day. Read More


Flying Off The Shelves: The 2015 Z06 Zooms To 5,000 Pre-Orders!

The Z06 continues to be a car in high demand, as the supercar is zooming past the 5,000 mark for pre-orders. Where it stops, nobody knows! Read More


eBay Find: 9 Second Turn-Key Camaro – Why Won’t This Bargain Sell?

Finding no buyers at an asking price of just $12k, does this eBay Camaro represent everything that's wrong with the used race car market in terms of pricing? Read More


Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Stingray Owner Does Their Own Rollover Test

One black on black, 2014 Stingray will be available for auction, but looks to have gone for one wild ride. If you're looking for a REAL project or a parts car this may just be your match! Read More


Transmission Upgrades: The McLeod Muscle Car 5 Manual Transmission

Classic cars are a lot of fun to drive, but poor fuel economy hurts the wallet. McLeod Racing's Muscle Car 5 manual transmission solves that problem, and you don't have to cut up your floor to make room for it. Read More

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Video: Chevrolet Gives the Nurburgring Another Stab With the ’15 Z06

After some video surfaced of the 2015 Z06 running around the Nurburgring, followed by pictures of it crashed out of its testing session, a new Z06 has appeared and the testing continues at "The Green Hell". Read More


Z/28 Stolen From Washington Dealership, Found Just Blocks Away

Someone has been watching too much Gone in Sixty Seconds! On Tuesday October 7th, a thief broke into a dealership in Lake City, Washington and had a plan: steal a new Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. Read More

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Video: Chevy’s Camaro Z/28 Wins MotorTrend’s “Best Driver’s Car”

Chevrolet's investment into the Camaro Z/28 has been a risky one, but it's paid off in spades. Here to express his thoughts is MotorTrend's Edward Loh, explaining how the car won "Best Driver's Car" award for 2014. Read More


Drive Like An Eagle: 2013 Camaro “Firebird” Conversion For Sale

Would you let this Trans Am-upfitted Camaro fly by? Or would you snatch it before someone else came along? Check out the scoop on this quasi-Pontiac musclecar found for sale in Pennsylvania. Read More


Corn Power: Flex Fuel Corvettes Take To The Track At Kearney Raceway

What happens when you take a ZR1 and add E85? A 200 mph automobile, which made waves at the recent National Ethanol Open in Kearney, Nebraska. Read More


Tremec Turns 50! Hosts Celebration In Michigan And Belgium

Tremec has pushed hard to stay at the forefront of the torque transfer industry. They recently celebrated 50 years in Belgium and Michigan, learn about their future growth plans inside. Read More


Add Your Vortech Supercharged Vehicle To the Vortech Website

It's always great when a company appreciates its customers, and Vortech Superchargers does so with a special page for their customers to share their Vortech Supercharged musclecar or truck on the V-Rides page. Read More


Japanese, Corvette Customization Brand Lands In Anaheim, California

A new Brand titled "Revorix" is starting a Corvette customization company in Anaheim, CA. While there parent company is based out of Japan, they are bringing a unique perspective to being a Corvette "tuner". Read More