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Video: French-Canadian Supercar with LS Power – Too Ugly to Live?

The specs are all on target - 525 horsepower, 1,135 kilo curb weight, front-mid engine location, and a tube chassis should make for a fun car to drive. But that back end! Read More

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Video: Worlds Fastest IRS Camaro Runs A 7.99!

The record for the worlds fastest IRS Camaro has been slowly creeping down, and finally makes it into the seven second range! Watch the video inside for the full run! Read More


Jaws Kit From American Car Craft; Yea or Nay???

Customize or not to customize? While there are still many purest among the Corvette family, there are those that choose to rebel. American Car Craft wants to help you rebel with a grille full of shark teeth! Read More


America’s Sports Car Gets Some German Reengineering

GeigerCars put their German spin on a C7 stingray, and have increased both performance and looks in a number of ways. Can it contend with the 2015 Z06 though? Read More


Is This The 2016 Camaro?

We found these renderings of the 2016 Camaro and took a look to see if they were the real deal. See the full review inside! Read More


Forgeline Broadens Wheel Offerings To Be Wider And Taller

Forgeline's one-piece forged monoblock wheels are making a splash, and the company is pleased to announce expansion into larger and wider wheels to better cover your taste in tires. See more details inside. Read More


Lone Star Le Mans – Racing Into the Night in Texas

TUDOR and the FIA WEC run a race together at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. The race provided interesting weather challenges and a learning experience for Corvette Racing! Read More


Video: Mast Motorsports Revives Fuel Injection Vs. Carburetor Debate

Mast Motorsports hits the dyno with a 427-inch carbureted LS engine - and we compare it to a virtually-identical fuel injected engine we've previously covered. The comparison re-ignites the debate - which is better? Read More

Corvette C7 Forgiato active grille

Could an Aftermarket Grille Further Improve the C7’s Aerodynamics?

Aftermarket, forged wheel giant, Forgiato has created a unique one of a kind grille for the Corvette C7. This revolutionary grille should improve the C7's aerodynamics thus increasing top speed and MPG. Read More


2014 Camaro on 22’s, Festooned with LED Lighting – Win or Fail?

With LED lighting, all sorts of things became possible. But just because something is possible doesn't make it a good idea, which brings us to the video we have here... Read More


Video: Mitsubishi Eclipse Packs a 6.2-Liter Surprise Under the Hood

This LS-powered Mitsubishi Eclipse doesn't know its own strength--especially when nitrous get added into the mix! Watch the owner blaze his creation down the track and break out into 9-second territory. Read More


Video: Regular Car Reviews Heads to Corvettes at Carlisle 2014

Regular Car Reviews struck again last week with a new video, this time chronicling their misadventures at the 2014 Corvettes at Carlisle show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Check out the shenanigans here. Read More


Corvette Crime: Californian Rents Vette, Fires His Gun, Goes to Jail

Step 1: Load gun. Step 2: Rent Corvette. Step 3: Park at target's house. Step 4: ????? We're not sure what went through this perp's mind, but things didn't go according to plan. Check out this weird story. Read More

Corsa Corvette C6 Air Intake #45962 hi-res

CORSA Comes Out With New Intakes For C6s

CORSA's new cold air intake kits are here to make your C6 sing. See increased output levels and better sound in as little as 30 minutes of installation time. Read More


Corvette Funfest 2014 Kicks Off With a Wave

Check out a snapshot at what the 2014 Corvette Funfest has been like so far, and what we still have to look forward to! Read More


Rise Again: Chevrolet Will Restore Three of The NCM Sinkhole Victims

Seven months after the NCM sinkhole incident, the time has come to decide which of the damaged Corvettes will be restored. Chevrolet has picked three, but was one of your favorites lucky enough to make the cut? Read More


Setting The Record Straight: Z/28 & 1LE Swap Tires, Compare Results

Asserting that the Z/28 was more than just a price-gouged pony car, the folks at Motortrend swapped the Z/28's Pirellis with that of a 1LE's Goodyears. What did the tests prove? Click here to find out. Read More


Video: Stolen Car Is Found 46 Years After It Had Been Stolen

Nobody likes it when a car is stolen, and after that happens we're all on alert status. But when the call finally comes that your car has been found it's a time to celebrate - even if that call comes 46 years later. Read More


Valve Cover 101: All About Valve Covers

With one of the most basic engine parts being valve covers, it may surprise you how many different options there are and their various purposes. Read More


Tremec-Backed TPR Team Heading to Ninth Trans Am Race This Weekend

If you're into road racing, you've certainly been keeping up with the Trans Am series this year. With just 3 races left in 2014, everyone is gunning for the top & our friends at Tremec are cheering them on! Read More