FiTech’s EFI Command Center Offers Solution For Conventional Systems

FiTech's new EFI System Fuel Command Center allows a low pressure stock carburetor fuel pump and stock fuel lines to support a high pressure EFI system upgrade. More information on this time saving kit here. Read More


Video: Autometer’s MFDL Data System Recalibrates Racer’s Butts

Collecting data about each run down the track used to be a seat-of-the-pants experience but AutoMeter's Multi-Function Dash Logging (MFDL) data system can collect more data and remember it longer. Read More


New Camaro Becomes a Truly World-Proven Car

Chevrolet announced that they will be offering the 2016 Camaro to enthusiasts in Europe. They're starting by testing the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Read More


Video: LSX Willys Jeep Goes Up Against BoostedGT In Oklahoma

Does the LSX Willys Jeep have what it takes to take down the single-turbo small-block Ford of Street Outlaws' BoostedGT? Click through to find out! Read More


Swap Insanity: A Stealthy LS2-Powered 1997 FZJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser

This just might be one of the most sleeper Toyota Land Cruisers we've seen. With all of the work done to it, including an LS swap of course, it's hard to not appreciate it. Check this beast out. Read More


Tech: Armstrong Race Engineering’s Spintric Clears The Air

Removing the air from your competition engine's dry sump oiling system is a good thing; we cover the finer points of ARE's Spintric and how it can help you. More details inside! Read More


Comp Performance Group Adds 3D Printer To Engineering Division

Reducing time between prototype revisions leads to quicker product delivery and higher quality, so the Comp Performance Group has added a 3D printer to its engineering division. Read more about its capabilities. Read More

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Can You Make a Credible Z28 Out of a Camaro SS? Maybe.

So you want a Z28, but all you could afford was a SS? No problem! You can still have an very decent replica for super cheap, as long as you're willing to compromise! Read More


We Put a Few of Meguiar’s New Products to the Test

We test out Meguiar's headlight restoration kit and 365-day paint protection on one of our own vehicles to see how simple they are to use and what real-world results you can expect. Read More


Terminator, HP, Dominator – A Look at the Holley EFI Family

Whether you want to convert a classic musclecar from carburation to EFI, run a six-second drag car, or anything in between, Holley offers a fuel injection solution. Read More


“Fish Car” Redux – GM Trademarks Corvette Manta Ray

Looks like Chevy's been busy at the U.S. Trademark office. They dusted off the Stingray name for the C7 and the party continues with registering the "Manta Ray" name. The real question is, what's up GM's sleeve? Read More


Recent Sideshow Results in the Impounding of a Corvette

Sideshows have resulted in the recent impounding of a C5 Corvette while Stockton Police search the surrounding areas for others involved. A zero tolerance policy had put into effect in the Stockton area. Read More


Corvette Racing Borrows a C7.R For Six Hour Endurance

Recovering from an incident that occurred during qualifications at last weekend’s 24 Hours Of Le Mans, Corvette Racing borrows C7.R from its French Counterpart for this weekend's event at Watkins Glen. Read More


The 24 Hours of Le Mans Proved To Be Successful for Corvette Racing

Corvette Racing made quite a presence at the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans, and drummed up some interesting controversy. Check out how they did and how they did it. Read More

dart copy

Video: Check Out The New Dart Pro1 LS3 Cylinder Heads On The Dyno

Dart's new Pro1 LS3 cylinder heads are poised to make some news in the LS market; here they are making noise atop one of Dart's test mules on the dyno. 440 cubic inches and big power await - check it out! Read More


Chevrolet Shows Off The 2016 Non-Stop, Drop Top Camaro

Chevrolet's exciting new Camaro convertible was unveiled to the public this week to much well-deserved fanfare. Take a ride along with the Chevrolet crew on the Camaro's inaugural ride in public through this video. Read More

Toyo copy

Toyo Tires Website: You Have Tire Questions, They Have Answers

If you are thinking about buying a set for tires for your car, check out the Toyo Tires website before you buy. Not only will you find great tires, but a wealth information to help with your decision. Read More


BMR Suspension Releases Video On Adjustable FE4 Sway Bars For Camaro

BMR Suspension's SB037 and SB039 Sway Bar Kits for FE4-equipped 2010-newer Chevy Camaros are designed for improved performance on the street and track. Read More


Video: Measuring Piston to Cylinder Bore Clearance With Mahle

Without the correct piston-to-bore clearance, you run the risk of causing major damage to your new bullet. Mahle's Trey MacFarland explains how to measure in this short educational video. Read More


AEM Electronics Releases 58X Plug and Play Harness for Infinity ECU

AEM Electronics recently released a plug and play wiring harness for the GM LS race engines with 58X reluctors. This new harness allows the Infinity ECU to work with factory sensors for a complete system. Read More