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Rise Again: Chevrolet Will Restore Three of The NCM Sinkhole Victims

Seven months after the NCM sinkhole incident, the time has come to decide which of the damaged Corvettes will be restored. Chevrolet has picked three, but was one of your favorites lucky enough to make the cut? Read More


Setting The Record Straight: Z/28 & 1LE Swap Tires, Compare Results

Asserting that the Z/28 was more than just a price-gouged pony car, the folks at Motortrend swapped the Z/28's Pirellis with that of a 1LE's Goodyears. What did the tests prove? Click here to find out. Read More


Video: Stolen Car Is Found 46 Years After It Had Been Stolen

Nobody likes it when a car is stolen, and after that happens we're all on alert status. But when the call finally comes that your car has been found it's a time to celebrate - even if that call comes 46 years later. Read More


Valve Cover 101: All About Valve Covers

With one of the most basic engine parts being valve covers, it may surprise you how many different options there are and their various purposes. Read More


Tremec-Backed TPR Team Heading to Ninth Trans Am Race This Weekend

If you're into road racing, you've certainly been keeping up with the Trans Am series this year. With just 3 races left in 2014, everyone is gunning for the top & our friends at Tremec are cheering them on! Read More


Modern Z/28 Performance Kits Shave Seconds on the Track

When you're racing a road course, every second matters. Increased power will help you shave seconds off of your lap times but more times than not, true performance comes down to the handling capabilities of your car Read More


What Resistance? Ceramic Bearing Technology 101

Unrivaled performance potential and an often staggeringly-high price — these are the two attributes most commonly associated with ceramic bearings. But the advantages are a landslide. Learn more right here! Read More


In Depth with an 1,100 Horsepower Turbo LSX Drift BR-Z

With the wick turned up, the combination is worth an estimated 1,100 horsepower at a measly 9 PSI , but the team typically runs the car on even lower boost and relies on the strength of the LS "on the motor." Read More


Blank Slate: Designing and Building A Street Performance Fuel System

When it comes to upgrading the fuel system in your classic musclecar with modern technology, proper design and component selection makes all the difference between a great system and one that is prone to failure. Read More


Wrecked Vette Wednesday: First Year C6 Takes a Dive in Dallas

2005 Corvette convertible is available at a Dallas auction house thanks to some front-end damage, although the color might make you think twice about buying it for yourself. Read More


eBay Find: LS2-Swapped, Race-Ready BMW Z3

With three and a half days left on the auction clock and a Buy It Now price of $45,000, the Z3 sits with no offers on an opening bid of $20k. Is he asking too much money for what's essentially a track toy? Read More


Trick Flow Specialties Introduces GenX 260 Cylinder Heads for LS7s

When you take your LS7 and add Trick Flow Specialties' parts, you get real magic. Check out the company's new GenX 260 heads which improve flow through CNC porting. Read More


Stop Sales Issued on 2015 Corvette Stingray

GM stops the sale of about 2,800 2015 Corvette Stingrays for two separate potential manufacturing defects... GM Spokesman comments on the issues. Read More


Review: One Week with a 2015 Chevy Tahoe LTZ

That’s the thing about the LTZ; it’s nice and all, but it doesn’t look like $70k rolling down the road. Will buyers appreciate the “stealth luxury” of this version of the Tahoe? Read More


Dealership General Manager Arrested for Crashing “Borrowed” Camaro

It takes a serious alcohol problem to get arrested twice in one weekend for drunk driving - the only saving grace here is that nobody was killed or seriously injured Read More

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 3.11.14 PM

Street Racing Corvette Crashes in San Diego, California

A Corvette is involved in a fatal street racing accident near a popular California beach. Police investigate as the other driver fled the scene and has not yet been identified. Read More


Say Hello To New Pro Touring Series from Billet Specialties

Billet Specialties has released its new wheel style that's here to boost performance and style: the Pro Touring Series. CNC-machined and available in multiple powder coat finishes, these wheels are serious business. Read More


Video: Subcompact Lexus Packs Heat, Lets Loose at TX2K14

Matt Owen's badass IS300 made a big showing at this year's TX2K14. Step back in time and celebrate this graphite-colored Lexus as it shreds on the dyno and blacktop alike. Read More


Video: Unassuming Crossover Packs the Ultimate Sleeper 400HP Punch

Ohio native Craig Gibson gives us a tour of his build-in-progress: a 2007 Sorento that won't take any prisoners, whether they know what's coming or not. Get a good look at this mobile upset in a walkaround video. Read More


Video: Mantic Clutch’s Advice on Replacing the LS Throwout Bearing

Mantic Clutch takes time to explain why your clutch might still be slipping--even after you've "repaired" it. Chris Astbury and shows us how to replace that old transmission slave cylinder right the first time. Read More