Adjustable Toe Rods for the 2010-2014 Camaro and 2008-2009 G8

When it comes to suspension components, UMI Performance has you covered. New for the 5th generation Chevrolet Camaro and G8 platforms, here are adjustable toe rods. Check 'em out! Read More


Quick Tech: Upping the Pressure on our ProCharger i-1 Camaro

With a reprogrammed control unit from ProCharger and new 65-pound injectors courtesy of DeatschWerks, we are taking our Camaro from 7.5 to 9 PSI boost... Read More

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Video: Tadge Juechter Talks About The C7 Z06 And 2016 CTS-V

We sat down with Corvette Lead Engineer Tadge Juechter to talk about the Z06 and the upcoming CTS-V. Check out our short, but sweet interview with the man behind it all. Read More


Video: GM’s Milford Proving Grounds

We take a sneak peak inside GM's Milford proving grounds. With a 2.9-mile road course, 3.0-mile top speed track and various other testing courses, this facility has helped shape GM performance for 90 years. Read More


Mechanics Behaving Badly: C7 With Issues Gets Taken For A Joy Ride

RK Chevy in Vineland, New Jersey has some 'splaining to do after a customer's C7 was recorded reaching speeds over 100 mph on public roads. How much do you trust YOUR dealership with your Vette now? Read More


LSXtv Welcomes Be Cool to the Family

Whether you drive a stock 4th Gen or a crazy custom LS swap, Be Cool has the hardware you need to keep the needle out of the danger zone. Read More

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The New Tesla P85D Challenges a C7 Stingray at Their Local Strip

Watch as this Tesla gives the C7 Stingray a run for the money down the quarter-mile drag strip. While the Tesla is no Corvette, it may show that there is future potential in electric motor technology after all. Read More


Video: C7 Z06 Packs A Bigger Punch Under The Hood Thanks To LMR

Late Model Racecraft took a C7 Z06 to the next level performance-wise, and then strapped it on a dyno to see what sort of gains they made. 50 HP? 80 HP? 100HP? More?? Click on to see for yourself! Read More

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D3PE Builds Another Beast… The PumpKing

D3 Performance Engineering has done it again - putting together one incredible, fire spitting C6, which will ultimately push out over 1,500 rwhp. Read More


Pace Performance: Buy an LS9 or LSX454R, Get a $2,000 Rebate

If you're in the market for the ultimate turn-key street LS, or the pinnacle of drag racing LS power, Pace Performance has a deal for you. Read More


True or False? Did Z06 Break Nürburgring Record?

Did the Z06 really break the Nürburgring? Rumors are swirling it ran a sub-seven-second lap but no one has any proof and Chevy isn't endorsing any of it. We predict the Bow Tie guys will be back in Germany soon. Read More


Burns Stainless “No Holds Barred” C6 Corvette Race Exhaust

This new full-race exhaust from Burns Stainless offers light weight, top quality materials and construction, and a very reasonable price. Read More


Meguiar’s Debuts New Perfect Clarity Headlight Restoration Kit

Meguiar's new Perfect Clarity Headlight Restoration Kit is applied in two steps to return some brightness to your ride. Do it once, and you won't have to worry about dimming or discoloration for up to one year. Read More


Corvette Victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona

Racing on through the night with non-stop action from the drop of the first green flag until the drop of the checkered, 24-hours later. Read More

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Winter Still Presses On But Some Folks Just Couldn’t Wait For Spring

Many Corvettes end up parked indoors at the first signs of snow each year, but this C5 is providing some winter entertainment thanks do summer tires and a frozen parking lot. Read More


Camaro V6 Wins Kelly Blue Book Best Resale Value

The base 2015 Camaro RS with its 323 HP V6 engine makes 53 more than a 1979 Z/28. Add sub six-second zero to 60 times and 30 MPG and its easy to see why Kelly Blue Book rated it best resale value for a sporty car. Read More


We Install, Dyno, and Road Test Corsa’s C7 Exhaust and X-pipe!

Here are the installation steps for installing CORSA's X-pipe and Sport exhaust system, as well as our dyno testing results, and driving impressions so you can hear what the system truly sounds like on the road! Read More

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Stephen Vigoa Sets Stock Bottom End ZL1 Camaro Record

Stephen Vigoa rolled to a new record of 9.86 at 138 mph with his 4,200+ lb. Camaro ZL1 sporting the stock bottom end, transmission, and suspension setup. Read More


Creating The Red Beast: Dan Cook’s Mild-Looking Monster 2005 GTO

Some street cars either have big power or good looks, few have a high amount of both. Dan Cook's GTO may be stock appearing, but this car has brutal power and sophisticated manners. Read More


Video: NASA Camaro-Mustang Challenge Series Is a Great Place to Race

The Mustang Camaro rivalry is more of a holy war than one based on reality or mechanical prowess. NASA has capitalized on the heated passions of pony car drivers with the Camaro-Mustang Challenge series. Read More