The Ridetech Build Center Will Be Hosting the 48 Hour Corvette

Ridetech and a host of other great manufacturers are coming together to build another car in just 48 hours. While the Camaro was a great success, a 1972 C3 Corvette has been selected for this build. Watch it live! Read More


Video: C7 Z06 Keeps Pace With McLaren P1 On Track – But How?

Cars of this magnitude can only be fully exploited by extremely capable drivers, and that skill can sometimes make up for a performance deficit. But the realities of sharing the track with others also plays a role. Read More

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Inside Vortech’s Redesigned Billet YSi Supercharger

Vortech has redesigned one of the company's mainstay products – the YSi racing supercharger – to take advantage of current-day manufacturing techniques and compressor efficiencies. Read all about it inside! Read More


Video: Snow Plus a Pontiac GTO Equals Boarding Fun

When life gives you lemons (or snow), make lemonade (or go snowboarding behind a 2004 Pontiac GTO)! Read More


What’s Next? Dart’s LS Next: A Platform For Ample Amounts Of Boost

In this latest installment on a 440 cubic inch LSX drag racing engine, we take a look inside Dart Machinery's cutting edge new LS Next engine block, from the main designs to the deck and oiling layout. Read More


Video: All New Flagship Cadillac Sedan Teased During Academy Awards

The long awaited Cadillac CT6 sedan makes a brief appearance during the Oscars, along with the question, "How dare a 112-year-old carmaker reinvent itself? But we're left wondering if its truly a radical rethink. Read More


Edelbrock’s 10th Annual Car Show To Feature Hot Rods And Festivities

As Edelbrock continues to innovate and supply car enthusiasts with high-performance products, their 10th annual car show is around the corner. With festivities for all ages it's an event no enthusiast should miss. Read More

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VIDEO: ProCharger Celebrates 100+ Customer National Championships

ProCharger superchargers have long been established as one of the premier power-adder manufacturers. Check out this video celebrating the company and it's customers reaching the 100 National Championship mark! Read More

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Video: SKINNIES TT Fox Body Mustang Reigns Supreme With Consistency

With an LS engine swap, this fox body Mustang is a model of consistency. Facing several opponents, SKINNIES' Mustang doesn't back down. Click here to see this fox body Mustang in action on the streets and the strip. Read More


BMR Suspension Debuts Bolt-on Sub-frame Connectors 4th Gen F-Body

With all the power your 4th gen F-body puts out, you can still lose some in chassis flex. BMR Suspension is here to help you put the power to the ground with its bolt-on sub-frame connectors for the platform. Read More


Lingenfelter Electronics: A Look at LPE’s Top LS Problem Solvers

You know Lingenfelter Performance Engineering for their hardcore engine hardware, but their LS electronics are a hidden gem. Take a look at some of their top problem-solvers. Read More

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New Hydraflow Clamps From Burns Stainless Provide Flexibility

The new Hydraflow clamps from Burns Stainless update the familiar clamshell clamp with a number of new features. Updates include a doublepin hinge, one-handed operation and an integrated safety latch. Read More


An LS1 and T-56-Swapped Mazda RX-8 Is Up For Grabs

This sleeper RX-8 just might be your slice of heaven. The Mazda sports a Chevy LS V8, T56 six-speed swap made possible by a Hinson Supercars swap kit. It's for sale in Texas. Read More

Senator SV

Holden Debuts New Limited Edition Senator SV, But We Still Can’t Haz

Holden's Special Vehicle team is going out with a bang with the newly-released Senator SV. If you're in Australia, there are only 48 available, and if you're in New Zealand, there's only two. Better act fast! Read More


Video: ACCEL IT Series Nationwide Hunt for Cars to Upgrade

The ACCEL Performance Group's exciting new wed-based video series, ACCEL IT, will feature vehicles from around the country getting an ACCEL performance product upgrade. See how you could be next! Read More

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Hardcore Testing: 4th Gen Camaro With A TCI Bolt-Together Converter

When we heard about TCI Automotive's new lockup, bolt-together torque converter for the 4L60E transmissions, we knew that it was going to make faster times at the track. We did some testing to find out how much. Read More


Video: Australia’s Fastest LS1

Aussies are serious about performance, so when you see a video claiming to be the best of the LS1 best, you better believe it's quick... Read More


Cadillac Announces Pricing on 440 HP, 189 MPH ATS-V Coupe And Sedan

Cadillac's new hot rod is running a 440 hp twin-turbo V-6 and tops out close to 200 mph. We predict this car (with a Bow Tie body) will be mid-level, six-gen Camaro. Good thing, cause these Caddy's ain't cheap. Read More

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Video: Chick Takes a Ride In The New C7 Z06

It's been a while since we posted any of those famous videos of beautiful women going for rides in very fast cars, so we figured it was about time. Read More


Summit Racing Carries Trick Flow’s New LS Flexplate Spacer

Make your next LS swap a piece of cake with a new LS Flexplate Spacer from Trick Flow. The steel spacer makes the flexplate sit properly to accommodate such transmissions as the 700R4, TH350, and more. Read More