Video: Here’s Why You Don’t Launch Jet Skis With a Camaro

"It's a beautiful day," you say to yourself, in Portuguese since you are Brazilian. "I should take the jet skis down to the beach!" And thus, the video we have here becomes inevitable... Read More

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PROCAR Evolution Seat Install For Project Blank Slate

Project Blank Slate, our 1969 Chevrolet Camaro needed some new seats due to a few modifications. Click here to see what we did to fit SCAT's PROCAR Evolution seats! Read More


Video: One Man’s Unique Impression of C6 Handling Characteristics

The C6 is compared to a handful of other sports cars from a few different countries the world over. The driver may be a little partial to light-weight nimble import cars, but it looks like fun nonetheless. Read More


Swap Insanity: A 1964 International Loadstar CO-1700 Like No Other

Check out this incredible International Loadstar CO-1700 SEMA show truck. With a custom chassis, a twin-turbo LS3, and a ton of bespoke touches, this is one Loadstar CO-1700 that you won't forget. Read More

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Video: Corvette Racing Explains Why We Race

Corvette Racing has put together an awesome video about the C7.R and the team that pushes it to success, along with explaining what it is that fuels many of us to continue racing. Read More

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German Company Prior Design Shows Body Kit For C7

Body kits are a hit or miss proposition for the Corvette, with many of them ending up on the floors of restoration shops the around the country. German tuner Prior Design seems to have a nice one here. What you say? Read More


In It For The Long Haul: The 650,000-Mile C5 From Florida

Are you a believer in the longevity of Corvettes? After watching this video, you will be. Check out this Torch Red C5 owned by a man named Mark, and the outrageous odometer display that'll leave you speechless. Read More


Explained: Mid America Motorworks On Corvette Aerodynamic Aids

Spoilers, wings, diffusers, splitters–what's the difference? Quite a bit, actually. Mid America Motorworks steps in to educate us on the properties of each of these aerodynamic features sometimes found on Corvette Read More


Richard Rawlings Buys Ringbrother’s “ADRNLN” At Barrett-Jackson

Richard Rawlings sold off his Ferrari at Barrett-Jackson and went looking for a new car. He ended up with the winning bid on this awesome Ringbrothers built, Chevy powered, Pantera resto-rod. Read More


Race & Performance Expo Returns To St. Charles, Ill. Feb 14-15

The annual Race & Performance Expo is headed back to St. Charlies, Illinois for its eighth rendition the weekend of February 14th and 15th at the sprawling Pheasant Run Resort Read More


Crimson Corvette: A Stingray That’s More Than Meets The Eye

Greg Thurmond's Stingray is a car not to be trifled with. Having seen its fair share of autocross challenges over the past two years, the C2 has made a name for itself–"Scarlett"–and rivals have learned to fear Read More

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Z06 Wins Top Gear “Muscle Car Of The Year”

The Top Gear gang just bestowed "Muscle Car of The Year" award on the C7 Z06. Though not really a muscle car, we'll roll with it, the Brits do love the US after all. Read More


BMR Suspension 4th Gen GM F-body Sub-frame Connectors

BMR has introduced a new wave of support for the fourth-generation F-bodies with its new sub-frame connectors. With a four-point connection backed up by steel construction, this unit can do no wrong. Check it out! Read More


Video: Inside GM’s Tonawanda Plant To Build The 650-Horse LT4 Engine

Check out this sweet behind-the-scenes look at GM's Tonawanda engine plant, where the Corvette's LT4 engine is machined and assembled. The video takes us through the entire machining and assembly process. Read More


Rick Hendrick Strikes Again, Winning His 4th 001 Corvette

Hendrick has now spent nearly $4 million collecting all four versions of the C7, only time will tell what he sets his sights on next! Read More

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Video: This Polish Pro Drifter Slays Competition With His Feet

If you think drifting is hard, try it with no arms! After a traffic accident in 2006, Bartosz Ostałowski lost two of his limbs, but still continued to pursue his passion in motorsports. Read More

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Video: Billy Briggs Turns Out Insane Naturally Aspirated LSX

Building nearly 1,000 naturally-aspirated horsepower from a small-block LS engine is no easy feat, but Billy Briggs has the science down pat. Check out this monster inside! Read More


Video: Aftermath Of A 4th Gen Camaro Drag Car Crashing On The Street

According to, the unidentified 50 year old driver of the 4th gen Camaro was transported via medevac helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital in serious condition. Read More


Project Blank Slate: ’69 Road Racing Clone Camaro Build Update

When it came time to really define the face of Chevy Hardcore, rebuilding an iconic nameplate for road racing was an obvious choice. Follow as we prepare a pony car that was designed to conquer the Trans Am series. Read More


Video: “The Stickler” + Pontiac GTO = The Scariest Way to Split Wood

Using a GTO and a giant drill to split wood seems like a good way to spend a cold January afternoon... Just be careful not to activate your health care plan! Read More