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Corvettes At Coachella – A Party With Everyone You’ve Always Hated

Coachella was the site of the Stingray Driving Experience held at Bootsy Bellows - we can't even write that with a straight face. Girls and Corvettes inside!


Moser Engineering Builds AutoCross Specific Rear Ends

When you start auto crossing your car, a new set of challenges arises for your brakes and suspension. Make sure your rearend can withstand the challenge as well!


The Camaro Z/28 is Hitting Dealers Now!

The long-awaited 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is hitting dealer lots now - the first two cars were delivered to Hendrick Chevrolet in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the proceeds going to charity. Check it out!


QA1 Shock Comparison: Which To Choose – Single vs. Double Adjustable

Adjustable shock absorbers can help dial in better handling, but it's hard to tell which shocks are best for a given application. We compare single- and double-adjustable shocks from QA1 to help make that decision.


2015 Camaro Order / Reference Guide Now Available

Chevrolet has released the 2015 Camaro Order/Reference guide - look inside for some of the details, and the link to where you can plan out your next muscle machine purchase!


’14 Camaro SS Convertible Set to be Official Indy 500 Festival Car

Since the 1960s, Indianapolis 500 Festival Cars have been a staple in the famed race's stable. This year, that special car is once again a Camaro, this time bearing the 2014 SS convertible insignia.


Car Feature: Mike Cavanah’s 1966 Chevelle “Grand Sport”

Introducing Mike Cavanah's 1966 Chevelle Grand Sport. Find out what made this Chevelle a Grand Sport instead of a Super Sport inside!


Video: The Tuning School Dynos a C7 Corvette… Chassis

How The Tuning School came to be in possession of a functional Corvette C7 rolling chassis, complete with suspension and drivetrain, is beyond us. We guess someone knows somebody important at GM.

AMS Madness Hearse 9.94 Second World Record

Video: 9-Second Hearse Could Bring Out the Living Dead

Traditionally, hearses are meant to go slow. But if you're AMS Performance out of West Chicago, Illinois, traditional just isn't going to cut it. Check out their crazy hearse creation inside!


Stingray Honored in Wards’ 10 Best Interiors of 2014

Following in the Chevy Spark's footsteps from last year, the Stingray Corvette was named one of WardsAuto World magazine's top 10 interiors for 2014. See why inside!

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New York Art Students Photograph Z06 Convertible for a Shot at $5000

Three art students. One iconic sports car. Three photo galleries. $5,000 at stake. Just one winner. Find out how to vote inside!


Chevy Plays the “Frenemy” Card and Wishes Mustang a Happy 50th Bday

For decades, there has been an undeniable rivalry between the Camaro and the Mustang, so with Mustang's 50th anniversary this Thursday, would you expect Chevy and the Camaro to wish their rival happy birthday?


Lingenfelter Collection Opening Its Doors For Special Events in 2014

Have you ever wanted to see the famed Lingenfelter Collection in its entirety but never had the opportunity? Well, here's two chances to do so in 2014!


eBay Find: Ever Wanted to Own a COPO Camaro? Now’s Your Chance!

Do you have the cash burning a hole in your pocket for a zero-mile COPO Camaro? Check out this eBay auction!


BTR Performance, Bill Trovato, and One Mean 5th Gen!

So how does a guy go from specializing in classic Oldsmobile musclecars to racing a 5th Gen Camaro? It's not as big a jump as it might seem, once you know the backstory...

LPE CTS-V Kit #L320030709 (2) (Custom)

High-Capacity Heat Exchanger & Fan Kit for ’14 Cadillac CTS-V

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering now offers a high capacity heat exchanger for 2009-2014 Cadillac's CTS-V. Improves flow to the engine radiator and reduces fluid temperatures, which, in turn, improves power.


Corvette Racing Celebrates First Win with the C7.R at Long Beach GP

This past weekend at the Long Beach Grand Prix was a great weekend for the Corvette Racing Team, with the C7.R bookending the podium positions.

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Video: First 2015 Corvette Z06 Raises $1 Million and Belongs to…

Yes, Rick Hendrick was the winning bidder for the first production C7 Z06, but the money went to one of Chevrolet's favorite charities. Check the video out to see the bidding action!


Late-model Lubrication – Should You Run Higher Viscosity Oil?

Are you running the correct viscosity oil in your high-performance engine? Lake Speed Jr. of Driven Racing Oils covers the factors to consider before you pour cheap, "fuel economy" oil into your boosted powerplant.


Moroso Launches New Web-Site

Moroso recently launched their revamped web-site making it easier to shop for Moroso products for your street, or race car than ever before. It's more than just another shopping site, check out the new site.