Granatelli Motorsports Building 550 Horsepower Chevy SS For SEMA

With SEMA coming up in less than 6 months, we get the chance to speak with Granatelli Motorsports' owner Joe Granatelli about a 550 horsepower naturally aspirated Chevy SS he and his team are building for SEMA 2015. Read More


Video: You Can Have This LS Swapped ’52 Ford F-100 For $12,500 OBO

Have you ever wanted your own ratrod or hotrod truck? How about a project one with a 5.3 liter LS V8 swapped into it? Check out this 1952 Ford F-100 we came across on YouTube. Read More


Trick Flow GenX LS Cylinder Heads Now 50 State Emissions Legal

Trick Flow is proud to announce that their GenX LS Cylinder Heads are now 50 state emissions legal. Check them out if you are looking for maximum flow and performance in your LS powered ride. Read More


Alex Taylor’s 8-Second Pass In Twin Turbo 6.0 Liter V8 ’69 Camaro

At this year's Rocky Mountain Race Week, YouTube user 1320video speaks with the youngest competitor at the competition, Alex Taylor, who at only 18 years old drag races a twin turbo 6.0 liter V8 swapped 1969 Camaro. Read More


Video: Fully Functional 3D Model Of 5th Gen Camaro Made Of Legos

YouTube user springoff posts his own interpretation of the 5th gen Camaro in the form of this fully functional 3D model made of Legos. Check out all the features of this one-off car, including its five motors. Read More


Video: AEM Electronics’ AEMData Drag Race Template Computer Setup

Setting up the drag race template in your AEMData software is a simple process that takes moments, and allows you access to a wealth of datalogged information. Walk through the process here. Read More


Preview: LS3 vs Coyote Budget Engine Shootout–Updated!

The Coyote and LS3 are two of the key components of the reemerging musclecar era. They are separated by only a few horsepower in factory form-if we built budget versions of both, who would win? Inside are the rules. Read More

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LS Engine Swap: Here Are The Install Parts You’ll Need

We all know that swapping an LS engine into a classic Chevy makes for a great upgrade, but do you know where to find the parts to physically bolt the engine in place? Check this out as we show you where to get them. Read More

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Dyno Video: NRE Big-inch LS Builds Torque The Natural Way

Nelson Racing Engine is squeezing 474 cubic inches out of the LS platform, and making a bunch of torque along the way without any boost. Find out how! Read More


Corvette C7 Beats Porsche 911 In J.D. Power Comparison

The Corvette C7 is the best 'Vette yet, and it's outshining pricier European competitors like the Porsche 911...and it all comes down to cargo space. Read More


Video: 2015 Chevrolet SS – Ultimate Modern Sleeper?

Replacing the Pontiac G8 in the states, the 2015 Chevrolet SS is a modern sedan with a muscle attitude. But can it be considered a sleeper with its broad shouldered BMW-like fenders and its black open front grille? Read More


Goodguys 18th Annual PPG Nationals Coverage

The Goodguys 18th Annual PPG Nationals in Columbus Ohio brings out the best street machines and custom cars from all over the United States. Check out all the hot action from the 2015 edition of this classic event. Read More


Caravaggio Puts His Brush to a C7 Z06 Convertible

Check out the wild, custom interior and somewhat more subtle performance mods that this C7 Corvette Z06 convertible is now cruising the streets with. Read More

Granatelli Motor Sports Malevolent Coil Packs

Granatelli Motor Sports Offers 85kv Coil Packs For 05+ Chevys

Granatelli Motor Sports now has 50-state legal 85,000-volt coil packs for 2005-up GM car or truck with current LS and LT engines. These coil packs are strong enough to handle 2,000+ hp engines. Read More


Camaro Mounts Subaru In Awkward Accident At Hands Of Teen Driver

An 18-year old driver lost control of his 2010 Camaro, skidding up an embankment and getting airborne, landing right on top of an innocent, empty Subaru. Read More

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Seller Offers To LS Swap Low Mileage ’69 Camaro If You’ll Pay $35k

While browsing Craigslist, we came across this gentlemen selling his 1969 Camaro with the original 350 engine and transmission with 33,000 original miles on it. For his asking price of $35,000 - he'll swap in a LS6. Read More


Moderation Is Key With This Chevy Malibu

Many cars are built with overkill in mind. They have 800+ horsepower and race-inspired parts. But this 1965 Malibu shows that moderation when choosing parts can give any enthusiast a reliable and impressive ride. Read More


Nitrous Express Launches VXL Nitrous Nozzles

Nitrous Express' new VXL nitrous nozzles produce up to 200hp per nozzle and have just the kind of adjustability and precision you're looking for. Check 'em out! Read More


Camaro Corral Is Back For 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise

The Camaro Corral is back for the second time at this year's Woodward Dream Cruise: but you'd better hurry, as spaces are limited to the first 150 Camaros that sign up. Read More


Deadly Droptop: The “MaliciouSS” Chevelle By The Roadster Shop

Baer disc brakes get this autocrossing Chevelle SS "MaliciouSS" in and out of tight turns. Check out the backstory on this beautiful black build from The Roadster Shop in Indiana. Read More