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Meguiar’s Debuts New Perfect Clarity Headlight Restoration Kit

Meguiar's new Perfect Clarity Headlight Restoration Kit is applied in two steps to return some brightness to your ride. Do it once, and you won't have to worry about dimming or discoloration for up to one year. Read More


BMR Suspension 4th Gen GM F-body Sub-frame Connectors

BMR has introduced a new wave of support for the fourth-generation F-bodies with its new sub-frame connectors. With a four-point connection backed up by steel construction, this unit can do no wrong. Check it out! Read More


UMI Offers Adjustable Trailing Arms For Late Model Camaros and G8s

UMI's new adjustable trailing arms will suit your Camaro or G8 for battle, whether it's on the strip or on the street. Get a load of these tubular metal parts here. Read More


Get Big Rebates With Crate Powertrain Packages From Pace Performance

Pace Performance is offering up some big rebates with the purchase of select Crate Powertrain Packages. Kits include engine, transmission, engine controllers,d torque converters and install kits. Check these out! Read More


BMR Introduces Tunnel Mounted Torque Arms For 4th Gen F-Bodies

BMR continues its special fondness for the F-body with new tunnel mounted torque arms for the platform. Tough and adjustable, these are the next-level suspension components you've been looking for. Read More


UMI Launches New K-Member For Road Racing Firebirds And Camaros

UMI Performance is here to say your F-body can flex its muscle not just on the drag strip, but on the race course as well. A new K-member for fourth-generation Camaros and Firebirds is available now. Check it out! Read More


BMR Releases Lower Control Arms for Late Model Camaros And G8s

BMR Suspension delivers the goods again for Camaro and G8 owners. Fresh from the factory are new lower control arms for the GM performance machines, ensuring a better driving experience. Read More

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Burns Stainless Offers Double Slip Turbo Assemblies

Burns Stainless is taking care of turbocharged applications with the expansion of it Double Slip merge collectors. These new components are the key to better breathing, as well as peace of mind. Read More


Speedtech Performance’s LS Headers For Swapped Applications

An LS motor can breathe new life into any classic car. Speaking of breathing, here's Speedtech Performance with some fantastic new headers specifically for LS-swapped Camaros and Novas. Check 'em out! Read More


Edelbrock Introduces E-Force Superchargers To GM Gen III V8s

Change your game with a new Edelbrock E-Force supercharger, now available for the Gen III GM motors. Eaton TVS rotor assembly, air-to-water intercooler system, and internal bypass valve all make this kit work. Read More


Lingenfelter Launches The NCC-002 Nitrous Control Center

Just in time for Christmas, Lingenfelter's new NCC-002 is the much-anticipated successor to the NCC-001. When it comes to commanding nitrous across multiple GM models, the NCC-002 is your ticket to the modern age. Read More


Palmer Performance Engineering’s DashLogic Device

Knowledge is power, and you'll be feeling mighty powerful after you hook up this new DashLogic from Palmer Performance Engineering. Read on to discover what all makes this device so practical. Read More


Edelbrock Releases Super Victor Intake Manifold for LS3s

The LS3 just got a sweet offering from Edelbrock, capable of running on 700+ horsepower applications without breaking a sweat. Nitrous and forced induction are welcome, of course. Check it out! Read More


Holley Introduces 95mm & 105mm EFI LS Throttle Bodies

The LS engine sees more love from Holley with new 95mm and 105mm throttle bodies. All-aluminum construction and given a black anodized finish, these parts deliver on form and function. Read More


Diablosport Debuts Tunes For 2014 Chevy SS Sedans

The Chevy SS is an American sedan that we're all fans of, and that includes the guys at Diablosport. The company's newly released support for the car will increase horsepower and torque significantly. Check it out! Read More


UMI’s LSX Engine Mount Adapter for the 1974-1992 GM F-/G-Body

LSX motor mount conversions for 1974-92 Camaro and Firebird as well as 1978-88 GM G-Bodies can be properly and securely done with the New UMI Performance conversion for mounting kit. Read More

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