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Trick Flow Specialties Introduces GenX 260 Cylinder Heads for LS7s

When you take your LS7 and add Trick Flow Specialties' parts, you get real magic. Check out the company's new Genx 260 heads which improve flow without adding a great deal of weight. Read More


Stop Sales Issued on 2015 Corvette Stingray

GM stops the sale of about 2,800 2015 Corvette Stingrays for two separate potential manufacturing defects... GM Spokesman comments on the issues. Read More


Dealership General Manager Arrested for Crashing “Borrowed” Camaro

It takes a serious alcohol problem to get arrested twice in one weekend for drunk driving - the only saving grace here is that nobody was killed or seriously injured Read More

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Street Racing Corvette Crashes in San Diego, California

A Corvette is involved in a fatal street racing accident near a popular California beach. Police investigate as the other driver fled the scene and has not yet been identified. Read More


Say Hello To New Pro Touring Series from Billet Specialties

Billet Specialties has released its new wheel style that's here to boost performance and style: the Pro Touring Series. CNC-machined and available in multiple powder coat finishes, these wheels are serious business. Read More


Video: Subcompact Lexus Packs Heat, Lets Loose at TX2K14

Matt Owen's badass IS300 made a big showing at this year's TX2K14. Step back in time and celebrate this graphite-colored Lexus as it shreds on the dyno and blacktop alike. Read More


Video: Unassuming Crossover Packs the Ultimate Sleeper 400HP Punch

Ohio native Craig Gibson gives us a tour of his build-in-progress: a 2007 Sorento that won't take any prisoners, whether they know what's coming or not. Get a good look at this mobile upset in a walkaround video. Read More


Video: Mantic Clutch’s Advice on Replacing the LS Throwout Bearing

Mantic Clutch takes time to explain why your clutch might still be slipping--even after you've "repaired" it. Chris Astbury and shows us how to replace that old transmission slave cylinder right the first time. Read More


Jimmie Baxter’s Take On The Ultimate Z06 Corvette

This is Jimmie Baxter's 2007 Z06 Corvette. It's only the beginning of the build, but once it's done it will be his rendition of the ultimate C6 Z06 Corvette - check it out! Read More


Edelbrock’s E-Force Camaro Top And Coil Cover Design

Edelbrock's new E-Force Camaro top and coil cover design features ventilation to prevent heat soaking to the ignition coils, while staying beautiful for miles thanks to its American manufacturing. Read More


Sound Proof: Mid America Motorworks’ IAC Exhaust Chart, Explained

Thanks to Mid America Motorworks' IAC chart, you'll be able strike the right chord with your next Corvette exhaust kit purchase. Learn how the chart works from every angle, and make the best purchase you can. Read More


SRT Viper Gets $15k Price Slash to Compete With Z06

With Viper sales numbers continuing to sit flat and the new Z06 just over the horizon, Dodge makes a sizable pricing movement that may be a direct result of GM muscle. Read More

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Video: Turbo Silverado Battles R35 GTR

What happens when you drag race a 1,000 horsepower Silverado against an R35 GTR? See who wins the race inside! Read More


Housewives of Atlanta Star Buys New Stingray

Houseswives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss, surprises husband with dream ride. Wrapped with a red bow Tony Burress is shocked when he finds a 2015 Artic White Stingray Corvette in his drive way. Read More

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Doors Stay Shut When You Use SLAMSTOP, Now Universally Available

Doors that get left ajar or come open on the freeway are a serious concern. SLAMSTOP takes care of the issue with high-end technology that ensures the door shuts completely every time. Best of all, it's universal! Read More

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Reader Reaction: How Are People Using Their Corvettes?

Our readers responded on FaceBook with how they are using their own Corvettes... daily drivers, race cars, weekend events, and garage queens! Read More

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