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Video: Attempted Grilling with a 1,000 Horsepower Trans Am

As you can see in the video, the percussive effects of the two-step rev limiter thwarted attempts to actually cook either a hamburger patty or a hot dog successfully... Read More


Video: Vengeance Racing Builds Two 200+mph Corvettes

In September, Vengeance Racing was able to bring a group of top performing Corvettes to a local 1/2-mile strip and put down some very impressive top-speeds, potential world records. Read More


AIRAID Offers Specialty Filters for LS Engines

Your LS engine can breathe easier with AIRAID's new array of bolt-on filters that connect directly to the throttle body. Designed to withstand extensive NVH, the filters get the job done in small space allotments. Read More


Dream Car Creator: The 2015 Z06 Configurator is Up and Running

The C7 Z06 configurator is now live on Chevrolet's website. Prepare to lose yourself to all the leather trim, carbon fiber, and other bells and whistles for the foreseeable future. Read More


Video: A Camaro Z/28 Goes Up Against A Porsche GT3

/DRIVE's Chris Harris pits the Porsche 911 GT3 up against the Camaro Z/28. He's got a European bias already, so is the Camaro's track-wise ability enough to win his heart over? Watch the video to find out. Read More


2015 Stingray Sells at Auction for Almost Half a Million Dollars

A quick glimpse at the hot action of a recent Las Vegas, Barrett-Jackson auction that saw the first 2015 production Stingray sell to benefit a great charity. Read More


UMI Releases Rear Shock Lower Mount Brackets for 1982-2002 F-Bodies

UMI Performance ups the ante for 1982-2002 F-body owners with these new rear shock lower mounting brackets. They're double-sheared and offer excellent pivoting properties to enhance your musclecar's handling. Read More

Mickey Thompsons Street Comp 2010 Camaro vert

Build a Camaro Wheel/Tire Combo with Mickey Thompson’s Configurator

Mickey Thompson's Wheel Configurator lets owners of 5th Gen Camaros and other modern musclecars preview how Street Comp wheels will look on their rides. Read More


New Photos Of The 2016 GTO, err, Camaro?

New photos have leaked of the 2016 Camaro! Does it look like a Camaro, or resemble the fourth generation GTO? Check out the photos inside and 'judge' for yourself! Read More


Sisco’s Fabrication Supercrew Silverado: A Preview Of What’s To Come

Sisco's Fabrication and Custom Bodywork is at it again! A few years back they brought us one of the baddest cars to hit the streets, now they are creating a truck that never was: a 1972 Chevrolet Supercrew! Read More

crash 20

Video: Corvette Slams Into Concrete Wall During Illegal Drag Race

$70k Corvette slams into concrete wall while engaging in an illegal street race. Video captures driver losing control of the Vette as they learn a lesson the hard way. Read More


GTO-Powered 1963 Pontiac LeMans Sport

Collecting bids on eBay, this 1963 Pontiac Le Mans Sport is one sweet restomod. With a 6.0-liter LS2/LS3 hybrid, it has modern power powering that sleek, classic body with many more modern and old-school goodies. Read More

powernation photo 1

SAM Racing Featured On Power Nation – Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The School of Automotive Machinists recently updated their COPO Camaro for NHRA duty, and Power Nation caught it all on film. Check out the details and airtime inside! Read More


Green With Envy: Original “Green Slime” C5 Headed For Auction

This green Corvette, dubbed "Green Slime" by its creators, the Mallett brothers, is on its way to auction. How much do you think it will fetch? Read up on its stats and let us know your guess. Read More


VIDEO: Hennessey Performance Takes 2014 Blown Sierra Out For A Spin

Take one stock 2014 Sierra, add the expert knowledge from Hennessey Performance, plus a 2.9L blower, and what do you get? More horsepower than you can shake a stick at. See the wild video (with drag race) here. Read More

2013 Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

Secret Weapon: New Cadillac Halo Model To Appear By 2016

Cadillac will drop the details about the forthcoming "C6" in the coming weeks, but until then, which would you rather see get put up for production: the Ciel, or the Elmiraj? Read More

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