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Video: Luckily This One’s on Film, But Think Twice Before You Valet

Most valet drivers treat cars well, but this one may have had a momentary lapse in judgement and a 2015 C7 Stingray was the innocent bystander. Read More


Car Feature Video: Hatfield’s S10 Returns With Another Burnout

We posted a wicked Chevy S10 burnout last month. The owner of the truck contacted us with another burnout video and the details on his wild ride. See more of James Hatfield's S10 here. Read More


Investigation: What The Heck Is The Bertone Mantide?

In 2009, Bertone Stile arrived at the Shanghai Auto Show with a brilliant red supercar in tow: the Mantide. Based on the chassis of a ZR1, the supercharged performer emphasized style and racing in equal measure. Read More


2015 Z06 ECU Problem is Not Really a Problem

Some Z06 owners have been reporting noticeable losses in power, but it's not from motor failure, and time (or milage) will heal all wounds. Read More


Video: Vararam VR-X LS3 Manifold on the Dyno

We finally get a closer look at the Vararam VR-X manifold, and see how it performs on the dyno compared to both stock and aftermarket intakes. Read More


PRI 2014: World Products’ Complete Engine Kits; Erson Custom Cams

World Products is offering brand-new complete engine kits, while Erson Cams has a handle on what it takes to build a custom camshaft. More details on both are inside. Read More

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6th Gen Camaro Render from – How Close to the Real Deal?

A lot of folks have speculated what the upcoming 6th Gen Camaro will look like with images all over the internet. These renderings from were mapped from camo'd spyshots and are probably pretty accurate. Read More

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

National Corvette Museum Raffle For a Laguna Blue, 2015 Stingray

The car available for this raffle is a beautiful 2015 Corvette 2LT Stingray painted in the rather stunning Laguna Blue, and even includes Corvette Museum Delivery. Read More


Paris Hilton Customizes Her C7 Stingray… But Not Like You’d Hope

Paris Hilton has owned a number of awesome cars throughout the years. Unfortunately for most, she often paints them pink, and her garage's newest addition was no different. Read More

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Video: Sleeper CTS-V Wagon Runs 10.90 In The Quarter-Mile

A sleeper CTS-V wagon that runs high ten-second quarter-miles? This one isn't too crazy, but just enough to make us want to build one! Read More

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Video: This Turbocharged LS2 ’71 Caprice is Ridonkulous

You wouldn't know by looking at it, but this 1971 Caprice donk has a 1000+ horsepower turbocharged LS2 under the hood. Take a look! Read More

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Video: Hennessey-Supercharged Yukon Denali Runs 0-60 In 4.5 Seconds

Take a look at Hennessey Performance's HPE650-equipped 2015 Yukon Denali. The performance gains are really impressive for such a big SUV! Read More


Video: Vengeance Racing Is At It Again, But With Their Z06

With a dealership burnout on the books, Vengeance Racing took to their garage to begin squeezing some more power out of their new 2015 Z06. Read More


2015 Z06 Costs A Pretty Penny In Germany

The 2015 Z06 is certainly making waves seen around the world of performance cars, but if you reside in Germany, that performance is not going to come cheap. Read More


Undefeated: Corvettes Trump Porsche Sales Despite Record Month

Porsche just had its best sales month of all time, and Corvettes had one of their worst. Even still, the C7 managed to best its 911/918 adversaries. By how much, you ask? Read on to find out! Read More


Video: High Tech Corvette Satisfies Our Cravings For Z06 Burnouts

How would you treat a freshly-delivered 2015 Z06? The guys at High Tech Corvette couldn't help themselves, and took the supercar out for some fun little burnouts in their parking lot. Read More

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