Video: LSX-Powered Dodge Challenger Goes 8s

Any car that runs 8s is seriously chopping wood. This hefty Dodge Challenger does the deed with turbo LSX power. If you don't like it, that's ok. We'd say just don't bother racing it if you can't walk the walk. Read More


Preparing A High Mileage 6.0 To Go Turbo Part 3 -Wastegates

Adding turbos to your 6.0 LS sounds like it would be a daunting task. If you know the basics of welding, it's not hard at all. Craig from JS Racing Products shows you how in this multi-part series. Read More

Pace Performance

Pace Performance Releases LS/LT 6L Connect And Cruise Packages

Pace Performance has released LS/LT Connect And Cruise Packages. These packages include all the harnesses, programming, hardware & fluids needed for easy install. Check 'em out! Read More


Add Your LS-Powered Vehicle To MSD’s Facebook Page

LS power is fitted to all kinds of great cars on MSD's Facebook page. Take a look and you will see Chevelles, Novas, several trucks and even a '69 Barracuda sure to throw a wrench into the minds of the Mopar guys. Read More


LS Engine Codes Explained For Beginners

The LS engine has been a mainstay of GM performance for 20 years, and the swap market continues to grow. For those new to the LS world, this quick guide offers an explanation of most LS engine identification codes. Read More


What Bumblebee Should Look Like After 4 Michael Bay Movies

After four Micheal Bay Transformers movies, it looks like Bumblebee may have finally suffered some serious battle damage. Read More


2016 Holden Commodore “Black Edition” Offers Darker Design

As GM prepares to run out the clock on its Australian manufacturing division, the Holden Commodore is getting the new Black Edition before bowing out. Read More


Video: Testing The 2016 Camaro By Driving Off A Dock

GM needs to prove that the 2016 Chevy Camaro is a superior muscle car, and to do so they've enlisted a stunt driver, a runway and the ocean. Read More


Ronald McDonald House Giveaway: Laguna Blue 2016 Z06 AND $20K Cash

The Ronald McDonald House Charity of Central Valley is back again with their annual collector-car giveaway. Check out how you can enter and win one of three incredible cars, like this 2016 Z06. Read More


High Mileage Twin Turbo 6.0 Build Part 2 – Exhaust Manifolds

Installing twin turbos in your LS-equipped vehicle sounds like a daunting project that you need a professional for. JS Racing Products' Craig Poust shows us that just isn't the case. Read More


Racing Icon Roger Penske To Pilot Pace Car For 100th Indy 500

Celebrating its 100th annual race, the Indianapolis 500 is already heating things up by announcing legendary Roger Penske as the pace car driver. He'll be driving a very special Chevy. Check it out. Read More


2016 Camaro Owner Gets 171 MPH Speeding Ticket

A Minnesota man driving a 2016 Camaro SS was pulled over doing 171 MPH, apparently in a bid to impress his female passenger. Bad move, kemosabe. Read More


eBay Find: A Basically New 4th-Gen 2001 Camaro SS

While the 5th- and all-new 6th-gen Camaros are clearly technological marvels, we still have a big soft spot for these 4th-gen cars that kept the Camaro (and Firebird) flame alive for a full 10 years. Read More


Video: World’s Fastest Fire Engine Is A Corvette C7

This American supercar doesn't just fight fire with speed, it employs the use of a state-of-the-art 21 gallon fire suppression system found in its trunk. Why do these folks need to do this to expensive sports cars? Read More


Preparing A High Mileage 6.0 To Go Turbo Part 1

Craig Poust of Justin Sane Racing Products does some modifications to the ECM torque and timing tables on the 2004 GMC truck he just bought to deliver more power to the rear wheels and drop its quarter mile ET. Read More


Resurrected: Check Out The Rebuild Of Comp Cams’ Killer Camaro

Once in a while, a car comes out of the woodwork that most people had forgotten about. In the case of this Camaro, it was "forgotten about" for roughly six years. The guys at Comp Cams are making up for lost time. Read More

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