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PRI 2010: LSX454R is GM Performance Parts’ Most Powerful Engine Ever

It’s official: The new LSX454R from GM Performance Parts is the most powerful crate engine ever offered by the General. Rated at “750+” horsepower by GMPP, the real number is somewhere near 800, and there’s still room for more because the engine was designed with nitrous or boost in mind.

Starting with the tall-deck LSX Bowtie block and an all-forged rotating assembly, the LSX454R comes with GMPP’s LSX-DR aluminum 6-bolt heads. These feature an 11-degree valve angle, raised intake ports, 50cc combustion chambers, and 313cc intake and 116cc exhaust ports. A matching high-rise open plenum cast intake manifold caps it off, topped by a 4500-style carburetor. One look at those 16 injector bosses cast into the manifold runners and you can see the true potential of this incredibly potent mill is just waiting to be (drilled and) tapped…

Compression ratio is 13.1 to 1, so don’t even think of running this thing on less than 110 octane race gas, and GM caps the revs at 7,100. The mechanical roller cam specs out at 250/270 at .050, with a max lift of .738 on both sides, pushing 1.9:1 ratio shaft mount rockers.


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