How Significant Are EFI Conversions? They’re Winning Races Now, Too

While many think that EFI is strictly for fuel economy, it's also making its way into racing programs. Check out Holley's EFI system on the Ilmor 396ci beast that has been pulling in wins in the ARCA series. Read More


Gary’s Get-Together Honors Goodguys Founder Gary Meadors this Sunday

When founder of the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association, Gary Meadors, passed away in late December, the automotive world lost a legend like no other. A month and a half later, rodders join to celebrate his life. Read More


Join Edelbrock At Their 11th-Annual Car Show

Each year, the folk's at Edelbrock open the doors to the facility, and welcome everyone to come enjoy the day with shop tours, live entertainment, and a car show. Make your plans now to attend the extravaganza. Read More


Corner-Carving 1LE Package Returns To Camaro Lineup For 2017

The venerable track-focused package returns for the all-new Camaro. While the upgrades offered last time around were good, the new 1LE might make some serious waves in the performance world. Read More


Torque Converter Basics: Do You Know How To Choose Correctly?

When it comes to choosing a torque converter, many enthusiasts think it is a black magic. We talk with ATI Performance Products and TCI Auto to clear the air, and help make the choice a lot easier. Find out more. Read More


Assessing Steering Feel And Flow Rate Adjustability With Turn One

If you want a power steering pump that uses less horsepower, handles more psi, and has flow rate adjustability, you'll want to look at Turn One's offerings. Check out our install on a Pro-Touring '68 Firebird! Read More


DeatschWerks Releases Two New Fuel Pump Kits For The Cadillac CTS-V

New from DeatschWerks – two new fuel pump kits for the Cadillac CTS-V. These kits, which come in either single- or dual-pump setups, support over 700 hp on ethanol and over 800 hp on gasoline applications. Read More


Project Blank Slate Tugs On The Long Tale Of Felix Chevrolet

We found a vintage license plate frame that was once on project Blank Slate, so we thought we would see if we could trace the car back to it's original dealership. Read the entire historically-filled article here. Read More


Project Lucky 13 Gets Engaged With A New Mantic Clutch

Being able to transfer power to the rear-end on our 2013 Camaro SS project car, Project Lucky 13, is a huge priority both on the street and at the track. Mantic gives us the low down on choosing a clutch. Read More

GM Expands Powertrain Plant 03

The General Keeps Expanding With New Performance And Racing Facility

General Motors has dropped many millions of dollars to improve their production and development facilities. This time, it was for an incredibly high-tech driveline development center. Read More


Three Common Misconceptions About Ignition Coil Upgrades

Replacement ignition coils have been popular upgrades for trucks and performance cars for decades. We spent some time discussing three common misconceptions about coil upgrades with Performance Distributors. Read More


Nickey Performance Creates A 2016 Super Camaro Lineup

What if we told you you could have a supercar for less than $100,000? Would you believe us? It's true, and you can have this all-new, American-made monster based on a Chevy Camaro. Nickey is back, so hold on tight. Read More


Concept One’s ’69 El Camino Project: A Beast Is Born

Who among us isn't a fan of the El Camino? It's a truck, it's a car, it's the best of both worlds. Check out this version being built by Concept One Pulleys. It's one of the coolest examples we have seen in a while. Read More

Fresh oil pouring into a car engine during service

Selecting The Right Oil For Your Performance Car With Driven Racing

You may not put much thought into it, but the oil you put in your high performance engine is as important as many of the internal components you select for it. We discuss application specific oiling with Driven. Read More

MB Detailing Spray

Meguiar’s Introduces New Mirror Bright Detailing Spray

Meguiar's has released their new Mirror Bright Deatailing Spray that was developed to meet the needs of both seasoned and next generation car guys. Check it out here! Read More

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.47.02 PM

Video: The Karl Kustom Corvettes Of The Lingenfelter Collection

These C6 Z06's received a full engine make over at Lingenfelter's Decatur, Indiana shop, resulting in an impressing natural aspirated 660 hp out of the factory LS7, before heading to Karl Kustom Corvettes. Read More


Coastal Pictorial: Driving a ’16 ‘Vette Z06 Up The California Coast

Check out our photo heavy tour story as we drive up California's coast in a 2016 Corvette Z06 Read More


Video: Proof That 26-Inch Wheels Aren’t Meant For Drag Racing

This Silverado is a prime example of how hairy a situation can happen if you drag race on a set of 26-inch rims and rubber band tires instead of drag radials or slicks. Read More

12185400_10156373747085727_7705256606693355072_o copy

Michael Bunton’s 4-Second Fox Mustang Doubles As A Street Car

Though a 4-second terror at the track, Michael Bunton and wife Blaine can often be seen cruising the car on the street. Many 4-second cars aren't as happy on the street as they are at the track, but this one is. Read More


Wrecked Vette Wednesday: “Call to Schedule Your Test Drive Today!”

If you want to test drive this Z06, bring your own steering wheel, because the original one melted. Read More